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Famous Mulanje porters race

This is an international event which attracts visitors all over the world and its open to people from above 16 years old.

It is a 24km race beginning from the foot of Mulanje Mountain (Likhubula Forestry Office) to Chambe basin and cross the Lichenya plateau and from Lichenya.

The record in 2016 was 02hrs 05minutes and about 600 people participated in the race.


Anyone wishing to participate or watch the race are kindly advised to send Trek Mulanje Tours an email, and the participate and advise us about his or her fitness and health level.


Trek Mulanje Tours Company can make your reservations and an entry form will be sent to you to fill. We will also arrange for your lodging accomodation. Tents are available for those who wish to hire them at an affordable price.

The porters race takes place once a year, and in the second week of July.

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